■Love Animals 기획전
동물에 대한 흥미와 사랑(Anima는 원어에서 영혼을 의미한다)은 세계에 대한 사랑을 나타냅니다. 탁월한 색채감과 독창성으로 반려동물, 해양생물 등을 모티브로 한 작가님들의 작품세계를 만나볼 수 있습니다. 아이들은 물론, 친구, 연인들이 작품들 앞에서 빙그레 웃음 지으며 밝고 따뜻한 동심으로 하나가 될 수 있기를 바랍니다.

■ 4월 6일(수)-4월 17일(일) 11시-5시 (매주 월,화 휴관)

■종로구 자하문로 38길 45 (부암동 환기미술관 앞, 관람시 주차 가능)

■ 전준엽, 남재현, 송영은, 최윤아, 별머핀, 나디아김, 김효진, 안나영, 유승근, 조원경, 홍현지, 이경희, 김정순

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본 사이트에 실린 글과 사진은 동의 없이 무단 복제 및 배포할 수 없습니다.

■ About the exhibition
We exhibited with artists who are actively working in USA, Europe, Japan, China and other countries. This exhibition, which showed the diversity of contemporary art in the world, was able to appreciate the difference between contemporary art forms and interpretations by country. When artists interact with each other, the inspiration of creation is mutually open, enabling more artistic activities and a positive effect of warm art power. It was an exchange exhibition that the artists of the world who gathered together with a good intention understood the contemporary art of Korea and the Korean artists grasped the flow of contemporary art in the world and ultimately contributed to the world.


■ Date : 2018. Nov 8(Thurs) ~ Nov 14(Wed)  '
■ International Artists: Stanislav Mikus, Gustovo Fernandez, Alena Kuznetsova, Paulina Cerda, Gina Plunder, Yuuko Suzuki
■ Photos of Exhibition


■ Video clip of opening reception

■ Videos of international artists





Through the art exchange between Korean artists and the American artists, Harang Gallery built foundation for mutual understanding and cooperation among the countries and focus on the internationality of contemporary art in the global trend of cultural pluralism. It was a good opportunity to contribute to the diversity and dynamism of art by exploring how the two countries' art world coexist.

Opening Hours: Feb 21~ Feb 26, 2018






<Beauty of Korea Landscape Exhibit>

- 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Law of National Landscape


The exhibition expressed the beauty of Korea landscape such as natural scenery, urban landscape, historical and cultural space, etc. It formed a national consensus on the necessity of preserving the national landscape.

Opening Hours: Sep 1~Sep 30





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