■ About the exhibition
We exhibited with artists who are actively working in USA, Europe, Japan, China and other countries. This exhibition, which showed the diversity of contemporary art in the world, was able to appreciate the difference between contemporary art forms and interpretations by country. When artists interact with each other, the inspiration of creation is mutually open, enabling more artistic activities and a positive effect of warm art power. It was an exchange exhibition that the artists of the world who gathered together with a good intention understood the contemporary art of Korea and the Korean artists grasped the flow of contemporary art in the world and ultimately contributed to the world.


■ Date : 2018. Nov 8(Thurs) ~ Nov 14(Wed)  '
■ International Artists: Stanislav Mikus, Gustovo Fernandez, Alena Kuznetsova, Paulina Cerda, Gina Plunder, Yuuko Suzuki
■ Photos of Exhibition


■ Video clip of opening reception

■ Videos of international artists



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