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Kodjovi Olympio

“When I write in my paintings, I’m not just writing. I’m painting, playing music, dancing, there is a balance that I follow, I am developing my own language.”

Olympio creates abstract and figurative compositions that reflect his internal rhythms, resulting in bold, expressive paintings. Working intuitively, the artist defines his work as the expression of his energy. Each piece is both everything and nothing; as simple as a heartbeat, as complex as a hurricane. Born in Lomé, Togo, the self-taught West-African artist spent time in Paris before moving to the United States. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Olympio is one of sixty people from across the world selected to be exhibited in “Out of the Fire,” the 14th edition of the Dakar Biennale, one of Africa’s oldest and largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Dakar, Senegal. In 2018, he was listed as one of the top ten artists at Art Basel Miami. Interviews with the artist have been featured on France 2, TV5MONDE, and BBC. Work by Olympio has been exhibited around the world at museums including: the Latino Art Museum in Pomona, CA; Chiba City Museum of Art in China, Japan; and the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art in Tokyo, Japan.

Untitled 30x30cm(EA) Acrylic and oil sticks on canvas 2021

Dieter List

Even as a young boy, the Hamburg-born List was fascinated by the play of light and shadow, just as his uncle, the famous photographer Herbert List, had put it on paper. When he turned – late – to art, he was consequently looking for a material that would open up such a play of light and discovered the unusual material of plaster bandages.

The artist has given plaster-soaked fabric ribbons a completely new shape. In long paths, arched with faults, gorges, abysses and moraines, Dieter List has created a world of experience with this material that is reminiscent of magnificent landscapes which, depending on the incidence of light and shade, create something new.
But nothing is what it seems to be.

The strong first impression when part viewed actually reveals only a small of the artwork. What seems absolute
is in reality relative. The objects of Dieter List, his plaster reliefs, have to be walked around, circled, as only then the unecpected landscapes in their colour variations can be discovered. These expressive and intense forms of plaster give new and different colour experiences depending on the position oft he viewer. Thus, the artworks are perfected only in the mind oft he viewer. He calls this technique "Three Views“

While the "Three Views“ technique is reminiscent of landscapes, Lists`s other plaster bandage technique is about architecture. Here the artist works with smoothed plaster, i.e., plaster bandages in which the typical small holes are no longer visible due to the smoothing oft he material by hand. In several layers on top of each other and painted in just one colour, these artworks are stricter, more sculptural, more puristic.
Consequently, the German Dieter List uses the English term "Pure“ for this technique. Here he is again concerned in the original sense with the play of light and shadow in multi-layered spaces. So, his "Pure“-objects mark a return to the starting point of his work as an artist.

(L) The water flows,Three Views 60x40cm Mixed media on canvas 2021 (R) Winteracker (winter field) 60x40cm Mixed mdia on canvas 2018

Susan Sieg

Susan Sieg has participated in various national contemporary art exhibitions, as well as European art exhibitions in
France, China, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and the United States of America. In 2016, her works were on display in a museum exhibition at MOCA in Beijing, China. Many of her artworks now belong to art lovers and collectors.

"My work is meant to invite us to think about people's situations and their interrelationships. Closeness, distance, communication, friendship or separation."

Nice to meet you 2 80x60cm Acrylic and oilsticks on canvas 2022
Nice to meet you 1 80x60cm Acrylic and oilsticks on canvas 2022

Barbara Uhsadel

Art gives me the space for something flexible and surprisingly new. I try not to let myself be influenced by the environment, politics or judgements in my painting. In my studio I immerse myself in a completely different world, for me a boundless freedom. Some of my paintings are planned. They arise from an idea that I translate into an abstract, essential form. Other pictures develop a life of their own during painting, from which I draw inspiration”

Transzendenz 70x70cm Mixed media on canvas 2022
Under the ground 70x70cm Mixed media on canvas 2022

Evelyn Hoermann

“The use of different materials and techniques characterises my painting. Complex surfaces, interesting, rough surfaces. Often abstract, but increasingly also as a form of collage or photo painting. My painting is very experimental. I'm always excited to try new things.”

Little Girl 3 70x50cm Collage, Mixed media on canvas 2021
Little Girl 4 70x50cm Collage, Mixed media on canvas 2021

Marco Lupi

He was born in the southest part of Switzerland (Cantone Ticino) in 1958. After attending the School Centre for the Art Industry in Lugano, he had the first exhibition in 1985. Assiduous visits to museums and exhibitions contributed to his training as did the friendship of some artists; among these the italian Carlo Gulminelli and the australian Ante Dabro. He has hold exhibitions in Switzerland and Italy on regular basis, has an atelier in Chiasso, not too far from the italian border and has been an active member of Visarte Ticino (the national swiss art association) since 2005.

Marco Lupi paints "strange" worlds on small and big canvas. Characters with eclectic anatomy, women, and men are full of meaning and become recurring elements in his works. In Lupi's stories, other objects return as a dog, vehicles, and various ordinary things, all in a strongly dreamlike atmosphere.

His art strikes due to the expression of a dual world between dream and reality. Many of his artworks take inspiration from his imagination that he translates onto canvas through painting. At the same time, the truth influences the author who paints to express what is the story of his most intimate family circle. Marco Lupi's paintings are full of history and emotions. Intense and authentic, the result of a life where the ideals and the good ones represent the true wealth by the author who has the noblest and kindest soul.

There is another element that makes Lupi's paintings magnetic, and it is their three- dimensionality.
The author signs his artworks by insertion with coloured fabric pieces in the acrylic paste so that the color becomes even more material to amplify his message and make it even more authentic.

Il cappello del capostazione 20x20cm Mixed media on canvas 2018
Il ricordo diventa sogno 20x20cm Mixed media on canvas 2017
Il colore e lodore della terra 20x20cm Mixed media on canvas 2020
Nevicata notturna 20x20cm Mixed media on canvas 2022

Ellie Winberg

I am a handmade-paper artist striving to create art that gives aesthetic pleasure, intrigues the visual senses, and brings fresh associations to the mind. I am attracted to papermaking for its tactile nature and fiber qualities. Beating, mixing and pouring paper require harnessing a flow of energy and transforming buckets of pulp into a deliberate design. It is a physical and strenuous process for the hands, body and mind.

I wish to push the boundaries of papermaking and explore its artistic possibilities. The end result is not to create paper, but to create shapes, curves and textures in abstract ways. It is a means for creating visual experiments that transform the raw fiber material into something totally different. I tend toward deeply saturated colors as a way to challenge myself to be bold and to awaken the viewer. At the same time, I am attracted to a form of minimalism. I look to simplify, clarify and cleanse each composition and design. If one pares away the nonessential, then hopefully one can contemplate and reflect on the fullness of an art object. I want my work to provoke a new response, a new thought to the timeless question on art: what is it?

Born in Michigan, I have lived both in Europe and California. I have been working in paper for over 12 years and maintain an art studio in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn. My work has been exhibited in group and solo shows in New York and is represented in various private collections. I am currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition.

Untitled 46x61cm Handmade paper with pigments 2019
Untitled 46x61cm Handmade paper with pigments 2019

Eungabi (은가비)

We all wear masks.
People hide their inner selves in the constant conflict and confrontation between the past and the present.

They try to hide themselves with circle lenses, dyed hair, dark makeup, or fancy clothes. Originally, we were born with one face, but at the same time, we live in many different forms.

We all know that there is a difference between the ‘outward me’ and the ‘inner me’. In many cases, they hide and wrap their inner side in order to conform to the ideal figure recognized by society. If you follow the image of yourself as seen by others, you will eventually have questions about ‘who am I, what kind of person am I, and what is my identity’. What is important is the true image that lives inside of me, and it must be the courage to understand and believe in that image.

We need to be able to discover and love who we really are, not what we pretend to be. If you love me, others will see me with loving eyes.

(L) Mask (Rest)6  50x50cm  Coloring on Jangji 2022  (R) Mask(Rest) 6-2  50x50cm  Coloring on Jangji  2022
Mask(Rest) 12 53x53cm Coloring on Jangji(장지에 채색) 2022
Mask 31 53x53cm Coloring on Jangji(장지에 채색) 2022
Mask 33 41x32cm Coloring on Jangji(장지에 채색) 2022

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