Beauty of Korea Landscape Exhibit Exhibitions 2017. 7. 13. 13:48

<Beauty of Korea Landscape Exhibit>


- 10th anniversary of the establishment of the Law of National Landscape


The exhibition expressed the beauty of Korea landscape such as natural scenery, urban landscape, historical and cultural space, etc. It formed a national consensus on the necessity of preserving the national landscape.


Opening Hours: Sep 1~Sep 30, 2017

Location: National Assembly

Artists: Kwon Yong Ja, Kim Seung Ik, Kim Ihoon, Park Byung Joon, Park Sooryun, Park Yoonsook,

Park Chun Shin, Park To Eul, Sung Sook On, Ahn Seung O, Yeo Myung Hee, Lee Eun Joo

Lee Tae Kyung, Jeong Ji Seok, Choi Jae Chang, Ha Jeong Ryul, Huh Hwe Tae





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