Sung, Sook-On Artists 2017. 7. 16. 21:53

Sung, Sook-On



Flower opens, 73x53cm, Acrylic and Terracotta on canvas, 2013



Flower opens, 116.7x91cm, Acrylic and Terracotta on canvas, 2015



Flower opens, Acrylic, 2016



Sung, Sook-On is an artist who thinks that flowers are the most natural things and the 'nature' itself that is the closest to human beings. The space in which flowers can be expressed is divided into two: rational space and emotional space that expresses naturalness. In her work, the image of flowers is re-interpreted and re-invented in the sense of her sensitivity, passion, and innocence. She recalls and appreciates the beautiful time that has passed through this created work. Through her works, she can heal the wounds of modern people caused by distancing from nature. People can feel the beauty of Korea in wildflower and thistle which bloom in all of our beautiful country.



Brief Profile

Louvre exhibition, Paris, France, 2017

KIAF2013, COEX, Seoul, 2013

SOAF2012, COEX, Seoul, 2012

Miami Artfair, Miami, U.S., 2012

Shanghai Artfair, Shanghai, China, 2012

Hongkong Modern Artfair, 2010



Grand Prize in Corporate & Brand Culture & Arts, Sports Seoul Innovation, 2011 

Special Prize in Korean Fine Arts, 2010

Prize in Korean Women's Art Competition, 2009

Special Prize in Korean Painting Competition, 2009

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