Park, Byung-Joon Artists 2017.07.07 10:21

Park, Byung-Joon


The Earth and Sky as One

traditional parchment, burned wood and black stone, natural ink, yellow and white clay, 42x32,2cm


Land of Life - red clay (22) 145x210cm



Land of Life- red clay (25)  130x650cm





Park, Byung-Joon is Korean landscape painter. Quintessence of his yellow soil painting is 'core of life circulation.' After twenty years of his research on the soil, he used red clay and Korean traditional ink called "meok" to objectificate his inner spirit and thought of wheels of life. He has continued working activities while participating in group exhibitions and invited exhibitions for more than 300 times and won a prize at Korea Cultural Heritage Great Exhibition.  


Brief Profile

Currently Member of Korea Fine Art Association

Professional Artists Association, Samwon Artist Association

Hyundai Korea Painting Association, Jongno Fine Art Association

Songpa Artist Meeting, Oneulhoe, Hongmihoe, Korea Artist Meeting

Asia Modern Artists Exchange Meeting, Hyundai Sasaenghoe

Hyunjaehoe Instructor in the Dong Seoul College, Songpa Women Culture Center

At present runs calligraphy and painting Atelier



Special Prize in the international Korea, China, Japan Art Contest

Bronze prize in the Korea outstanding Artist invitation exhibition, San Francisco, U.S.A.

The grand prize in the 37 Joongang Art Grand Contest, Japan

Special prize in the Korea painting section of Shinmisul Grand Contest

Price for excellence in the Artist Association Exhibition of Shinjuku, Japan




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