Choi, Jae-Chang Artists 2017.07.07 09:41

Choi, Jae-Chang


Blue and Red Threads, 74x60cm, acrylic on copperplate, 2014



People Loving Five Colors, 114x114cm, acylic on copperplate, 2010



Choi, Jae-Chang, an advisor of Modern Artist Association 'Epoque', is a leading artist who combines art and oriental philosophy. His works are the shapes created by geometrical and organic patterns which are produced by the geometrial repetition of straight lines or circles on the various materials such as metal, wood, and paper. His works are fruits of exploration of true strength achieved on a series of aesthetic experiments beyond formal development of trend of western art.


According to him, the idea of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements was the center of awareness of the universe and system of thoughts. Since there are two energies of Yin and Yang(positive and negative) at the origin of the universe, all creatures consist of these two energies and dynamic theories and astronomical philosophy which became the foundation of our ancestor's studies. He vigorously makes effert to deveop the cyclical cosmology by repeating energy of creation and extinction based on this principle.



Brief Profile

Graduated from Gwangju College of Education

Graduated from Graduate School of Industrial Art, Hongik University



Special Prize at Korea Art Association Exhibition (National Museum of Art)

Special Prize at Korea Craft Arts Exhibition (National Museum of Art)

Dongah Craft Art Prize at Dongah Craft Art Exhibition

Art Prize at Hyunsan Culture Award

Special Prize at Jeonmae Art Exhibition

Excellence Prize at Oil Painting Part at both Exhibitions