Huh, Hwe-Tae Artists 2017. 7. 6. 22:13

Huh Hwe-Tae



flowers of life 120x150cm



flowers of life 90x80cm



flowers of life 170x130cm



          浩氣 56x112cm




Huh Hwe Tae was born in 1957 at Suncheon and has won various outstanding awards, including the prize at the Grand Award: The Most Renowned Korean in the 21st Century(Art, Culture) in 2016, which marks a milestone in his career.


With 50 years of experience studying and practicing traditional Korean calligraphy, artist Huh Hwe-Tae took inspiration from nature to create a new art form called “emography” that blends emotion and calligraphy to tell stories.


His trial has been maintained looking for new methods in which he can transform calligraphy into contemporary art. In order to escape from past images of mere brushstrokes on plain paper, Huh Hwe Tae has been experimenting with inventing new materials freeing himself of stereotypical painting and brushwork.


He has had invitational exhibitions overseas such as in Germany, USA, China, and domestic. So far he has participated in various exhibitions and had twenty-one Solo exhibition and twenty-eight Group exhibitions as well. He recently had an exhibition in Slovakia, which provided many visitors a chance to appreciate the unique charm and dynamism of Korea, broadening the horizons of Korean traditional arts.



Brief Profile

Born in Suncheon, Jeollanam-Do, Republic of Korea, 1957

Over 47 years of art work starting from calligraphy since the age of five

Epographic Artist - "The Creator of Emagraphy"

Director of Moosan Emographic Art Institute, Seoul, Korea

Lecturer, Art Center Calligraphy Hall, Seoul, Korea

2011 World Calligraphy biennale of jeollabuk-do

Member of Advisory Committee for World Art Federation

Member of International Art Cooperative Organization

Member of Korea Fine Arts Association

Current, Monthly Art World Academy Professor (Korean Painting Emography)

Professor, Yan Bian University Academy of Fine Arts, in China




Grand Award : The Most Renowned Korean in the 21st Century (Art, Culture) 2016

Calligraphy Culture Award, Monthly Calligraphy, 2005

Wongok Calligraphy Contest, 1996

Grand Prize at Korea Grand Calligraphy Exhibition, 1995

Honor Prize at National Grand Seal Carving Calligraphic Works Exhibition, Art Gallery, 1992

Special Prize, National Grand Calligraphic Works Exhibition, 1991

Winner, Dong-ah Art Festival, 1985-1995

Winner, National Grand Art Calligraphic Works Exhibition, 1985-1994

Special Prize, Jeollanam-Do Grand Art Exhibition, 1974-1985

Grand Prize in Calligraphic section, Korea-Canada International Art Exhibition



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